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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the method of enjoying New Orleans Roast coffee at home?
A: The best way to enjoy New Orleans Roast is to measure two tablespoons of ground coffee per six ounces of filtered water.

Q: What is the best method to store coffee?
A: The best method to preserve freshness is to store your coffee in an airtight opaque container in a cool, dry place.

Q: What is your coffee membership program?
A: The New Orleans Roast coffee membership is a convenient way to have fresh coffee delivered to your door. Plus, you’ll save 5% on each order!

Q: What is your coffee membership cancellation policy?
A: If you’re not 100% satisfied with your New Orleans Roast coffee membership, go to the ‘My Account’ page and change your recurring order settings.

Q: How do I make changes and/or cancel orders after submission?
A: Please email with any questions regarding your order.

Q: What payment methods are accepted?
A: New Orleans Roast currently accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover for online payments.

Q: How do I know my credit card information is secure?
A: When placing an order with New Orleans Roast, information is placed through a secure serve that is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant.

Q: What is your return & exchange policy?
A: New Orleans Roast accepts unopened and unused product within 30 days of the invoice date for a full exchange of the merchandise value, refunded in the original form of payment less appropriate adjustments for shipping and handling. Packages must be returned prepaid. Pack and seal your package securely and return to:

New Orleans Roast
attn: Returns and Exchanges
2700 N. Peters St.
New Orleans, LA 70117

Chicory Coffee Questions

Q: What is the difference between regular coffee and chicory coffee?
A: Regular coffee is made from coffee beans, and chicory coffee is made from the roots of the chicory plant.

Q: What is a chicory plant?
A: The chicory plant is a flowering perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the dandelion family. It has bright blue flowers, leaves and tough stems. The plant is can be found growing in several parts of the world, especially in the Mediterranean.

Q: Does chicory coffee taste similar to regular coffee?
A: Yes, chicory coffee tastes similar to regular coffee by having a bitter taste, but chicory also tastes woody and nutty.

Q: How do you make chicory coffee?
A: Chicory coffee can be brewed just like regular coffee, so you can follow your guidelines and add your own spices. Chicory can also be blended in with regular coffee as a flavor complement if you brew 2/3 grounded coffee and 1/3 chicory coffee.

Q: Are there health benefits to drinking chicory coffee?
A: Yes, there are health benefits if used in moderation. Chicory coffee is commonly known as the caffeine-free alternative to coffee. There is also a percentage of insulin and antioxidants in chicory.

Q: Why is chicory popular in coffee around New Orleans?
A: During the Civil War era, New Orleans was the second largest coffee port in the world. The port was blockaded by the Union, which led to a coffee shortage and local chaos. Desperate to find a coffee alternative, locals followed in French footsteps and turned to chicory because of the similar coffee characteristics. After the Civil War ended, the use of chicory continued throughout New Orleans and can still be found in several popular drinks throughout the city today.

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