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New Orleans Roast – Our Roasting Process

New Orleans Roast™ knows that a quality cup of coffee comes down to the quality of its roast. That’s why we focus extensively on the process to make sure that every single bean we roast is perfect before it goes into our products.

How We Choose Our Beans

New Orleans Roast™ understands that the core basis of a good roast is its specific roast profile. For example, we might use specific Brazilian beans for a specific flavor profile due to the beans’ undertones and unique characteristics. We appreciate the importance of using specialty beans in our coffee. This means that the coffee we produce is graded 91 and above and meets certain characteristics. Our lots of coffee are farm grown to achieve that grade, our beans have high integrity and aren’t covered up by artificial flavoring and we select our beans from only the highest quality lots to ensure that you never receive a bad product.

We also understand that a lot of companies will claim that their coffee beans are high quality but use terminology and methods to confuse or trick their customers. Brands may call their coffee 100% Arabic, although that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good bean, or they might use cracked or non-specialty grade beans that are stifled by artificial flavoring. You can tell when this is the case, however, as these flavors can taste synthetic. New Orleans Roast™ beans prioritize natural origins and complement them in our roasting and flavoring techniques.

Emphasizing Natural Flavor Notes

With every unique coffee bean origin, there are specific flavor notes that we try to highlight. We understand that the roasting process brings out these undertone notes and create the right mouthfeel, because you don’t just want hot, bean-flavored water. The flavors we add to our coffee are wonderful but even without them, you won’t have a bad cup of coffee. You can tell from our non-flavored roasts and blends, like our Medium Roast coffee, that taste isn’t the only important factor. The quality of the bean is just as vital.

That’s why we use different origin beans for every unique flavor we offer. Certain flavors go well with certain origin beans, but not with others, so it’s important to not cover up those natural notes that make the coffee great. Many competitors will choose to flavor their coffee after grinding it up, which doesn’t distribute it properly and leaves you with an unbalanced flavor profile. Instead, New Orleans Roast™ chooses to add the flavor into the whole bean, so that the authenticity comes through before you even brew it.

How We Prepare the Beans

Using whole beans, we send each batch to roasting to prepare them for our customers. For our flavored coffees, we flavor our beans right after they’re roasted, so that they’re still warm and ready to soak up those delicious notes. The process of roasting the beans allows them to double in size and makes them much more porous. When they head to flavoring, that means they can soak up those new flavors more easily. This makes for a more vibrant and complex cup of coffee for you to enjoy.

As for the flavoring process itself, we take two large tumbling barrels and fill them up to a certain amount. Only 75 pounds of coffee are flavored at a time because it’s important to divide the product evenly for the best result. We add the flavoring with beakers to ensure the accuracy of our measurements, and then mix it into 25-pound batches so that its evenly dispersed throughout. The first 25-pound batch is tossed for two to three minutes before we add the second 25 pounds and repeat. Then, we pull samples to ensure that the beans are fully glazed before adding the last 25 pounds for the final result.

By flavoring our coffee in these small batches, it allows us to control quality and consistency across our flavors and batches. Every roast, from our Bananas Foster to our Chocolate Beignet is prepared in this manner so that you can be sure you’ll be receiving a product that is consistent and delicious.

Getting the Beans Ready for You

Once the beans are roasted and flavored, they head off to be ground to a specific consistency. Our specialists maintain this process so it’s consistent across the board, and every batch of our coffee can be made cleanly by your coffee machines. After the coffee is ground, it’s returned to its flavoring container before it heads off to packaging and is delivered to our customers. The entire process, from roasting the beans to packaging them up for delivery, happens in a single day. Our team arrives early in the morning to make sure that every batch of beans is freshly made for you so that you don’t have to worry about receiving a product that’s been sitting in a warehouse for a month before it was flavored.

Throughout the process, our beans are inspected for quality assurance several times. After all, it only takes the slightest errors to completely change a cup of coffee, and we meticulously maintain this process to avoid any errors whatsoever. Due to the way our coffee is prepared, inspected and packaged, you’ll never receive a bag of coffee that’s old, stale or covered up with artificial flavor. Our beans are specialty grade and flavored in a way that properly distributes the unique tastes throughout because it’s important that you receive a top-of-the-line product. Since our process is streamlined, we’re always coming up with new flavors and ideas for our beans. Our selection changes based upon what we believe our customers will enjoy, so you can check back for new things all the time. While the overall process might be a bit more difficult, we understand the importance of receiving a quality product and want to ensure that what you buy is something you’ll enjoy and come back for again.

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