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Gift Guide from New Orleans Roast

With the holiday season arriving, it becomes more pertinent than ever to answer the question of what to give as gifts. Traditional gifts can be a challenge. What do they like? Is this something they’ll enjoy? Will they have any use for this? Not only is finding the right gift for someone difficult, but it can be expensive and tricky, too. So, instead of stressing about finding the perfect, hand-picked gift for every friend, loved one, family member, coworker and anyone else, get them something special that you know they’ll enjoy: coffee.

Something for Everyone

One of the benefits of the gift of coffee this holiday season is that there’s an option for everyone out there. Everyone has individual tastes, whether they like something a bit sweeter and flavorful, or if they enjoy a nice bold cup in the mornings to wake them up. When the season starts to get colder, a hot cup of coffee cuts through the crisp winter air like nothing else. Something sweet and spicy like our new Cinnamon Churro Blend will warm the palate of any discerning sweet tooth right in time for the holidays, sugary spice and all. For someone a bit more traditional, we offer three-packs of several of our roasts and blends, like our distinctively full-bodied dark roast, blended from coffees from Central and South America and featuring notes of roasted almond and a syrupy body. Showing you know what your gift recipient likes and treating them to it will make the gift all the more impressive.

For those people on your gift list who don’t quite know what they like, New Orleans Roast™ offers bundled variety packs. Give the gift of New Orleans sweets with our flavor bundle featuring Southern Pecan, Crème Brûlée and Chocolate Beignet. Chocolate Beignets are the official state doughnut of Louisiana, so you know you’re getting something that’s authentically New Orleans. You can also swap out the Crème Brûlée for our rich and aromatic Medium Roast in our Variety Three-Pack.

Pleasing the Coffee Fanatic

So you’ve browsed our collection of roasts, blends and flavored coffees and you’re still a little stuck: what do you get for the person in your life that knows more about coffee than you do? Firstly, you can rest assured that New Orleans Roast™ coffee is top of the line. Only a small percentage of the world’s coffee beans are deemed high quality enough for use in our coffees, and we stick to the beans that have been roasted specifically to enhance their flavor profiles and individual notes. Our coffee is the real deal, so even the barista in your life would be happy with a 12-ounce bag of our beans. Beyond that, there are several unique options to please any coffee lover.

Firstly, there’s our chicory coffee. Chicory coffee is made from the roots of the chicory plant rather than coffee beans. It’s something that was popularized in New Orleans during the Civil War, when there was a coffee shortage. Chicory coffee wasn’t just a suitable option, it became its own, dedicated option due to its unique woody and nutty profile. While chicory coffee itself is caffeine free (which might be just what you’re looking for), New Orleans Roast™ offers a blend of our signature Dark Roast and chicory coffee for a truly unique cup.

So warm up someone’s holiday season with the gift of coffee this year. It’s not just functional, it’s high quality, delicious and an easy solution to the people in your life who you just don’t know how to shop for.

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